Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ROOKIE magazine!!!!!!

as anyone on the internet ever would probably know, tavi gevinson's online (and bi yearly print!) magazine, rookie, launched in early september. and guess what!? i am one of the staff photogz!! right now on the site i have a summer photo album, with already seen pix, and an essay on photo stalking, with internet virgin pix (well not anymore), and i will have 2 stories a month. so exciting because this is really something i believe in! teenage girls need a magazine like this! it is real and relatable and smart!! i read it every day!!! in addition, i respect everyone on board so much; some of these people i have been stalking on the internet for like 5 years now... pretty wild. check us out!! (doubled link'd cuz of importance)


  1. great News Olivia - you are so talented

  2. Wow! it's a very cool magazine, ur photo there are so cool olivia