Friday, August 26, 2011


in april i went on a 2 week long road trip throughout cali to shoot the lifestyle portion of the fiat 500 usa campaign (christopher wilson did the real car stuff). such an amazing experience and i'm so happy i can show da world! all styling by christine featherstone and makeup by brynn doering. assisting by tony george and julio duffoo. digitech-ing by mark rutherford and also josh lacunda. art direction by clark evans. production by sady callaghan. and alissa was the best p.a. in the entire world (i hope you're reading this alissa!!!! i'm wearing ur necklace right now) and so many other people helped out (including my dad, the fire wrangler). i can't thank all of them enough. anyway, these are my personal edits, but lil less saturated versions of some of the photographs were used in the fiat 500 brochure which can be seen here. and by the way thank you to eery1 who reads/looks at my blog!!!! luv y'all!!!! <3 <3

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

kasteel de haar

kasteel de haar in holland. one of the craziest, most beautiful places i've ever been to. this place was just dripping with craziness and inspiration ohhhh man. just crazy. i FLIPPED SHIT. these photos are all printed by me in the darkroom (aside from the polaroid).

when my film does drugs...

film from holland soaked in salt, dandruff shampoo, and water. i got the recipe from joe, who got the recipe from this homie. all printed by me in the darkroom.