Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ode to Brave People

Slept over at Jake's and was awoken by the orange reflections of the apartment 30 feet away in flames. Terrifying.


  1. oh my god... horrible


  2. these are amazing!!!!
    (oh yeah, and horrible, too)

  3. Oh my gosh!

    I remember, when I was 13 or something, I slipped out for the whole night because my friends were gonna get on the rooftop of this 25 story building so we could watch the fireworks at night. I was waaay over my curfew so we stayed up on the rooftop and even wanted to sleep there, so we're falling asleep, and then BAM! the sky turns ORANGE. so i hop up and look around and i see like an explosion MUSHROOM or something and if freak out and start calling all my friends who live in the part of the city where it happened (despite it being like 3 in the morning). Thankfully it was just a gas station explosion, I don't remember if anyone got hurt, but I sure do remember seeing the mushroom. not too many people i know have actually witnessed explosions so as scary that memory may be i hold it close.

    also - i like these gifs, but that's kind of DUH b/c i like most of your work anyway.

  4. how was people? Are they alright? hope Nobody hurted

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