Tuesday, May 29, 2012


in april, cooper and candice and toby and i went up to bellingham for yellingham, a DIY/hardcore/houseshow/party festival. it was so so so good. sleeping on dorm bunks of friends of friends and party hopping to communal houses and [thinking about] crashing a prom and sketchy alleys and eating so much hummus and getting no sleep at all and walking early early in the morning to try and find the car we left outside the party the night before to avoid parking tickets and greasy greasy breakfast food. a selection of these photos are featured on rookie. also, i did not make the map/pamphlet, and i don't know who did, but needless to say, it is wonderful!!


  1. sounds and looks awesome!
    kind of like those american movies, that make all european teenagers think american teenager-life is really like that, always.

  2. Pictures are great, I love it when I see pictures like these that look natural yet totally awesome, woww. xx