Tuesday, April 3, 2012

spring break

for spring break me n cooper went on a road trip down cali, our destination being san fran (eventually) and also morgan hill. such a friggin lovely week.

first stay was in yachats...we arrived at the absolute perfect time to see the most mind blowing sunset there probably has ever been ever.


motel camping...we missed the kitchen cutoff so we had to make beans n rice inside...

somewhere along the road i was pulled in by the idea of real live storage wars...

one of the most beautiful places i'd ever been too...like omg...you have no idea...we busted out my goosebumps blanket and canoodled and bathed in the sun 4 a bit. so effing lovely.

cooper took this pic of me.

cool sign somewhere close to ocean view.

we stopped like every 5 seconds to look at the ocean everything was way too fuckin pretty

listened to this a good five times..the jaaaam..

a very overpriced dino roadside attraction that i kinda needed to go to

when we stayed in hiouchi which i hope is pronounced hoochie, there was some creepy red murder shit heat lamp in the bathroom. kooooool.

we stayed with cooper's buddy catie from cca who is a total doll, in san anselmo which is like the prettiest place ever and has the bombest bagels.

we stayed with my fav production assistant in the world, alissa, in san fran and ventured off into the night to find the full house house.. (my picture is boring and shitty so just believe me ok plz)

bb in sf

went to the de young museum in the morning where cooper made friends with a squirrel and i fell in love with jean paul gaultier....OHMAGAWWWD coolest exhibition ever you should really go see it if you have the chance, or even if you don't! also cooper got a hawt james dean jacket on haight as u kan c.

stayed with our fav babe, elyse, in morgan hill which was nuts because it was like, the suburbs.

we is pouty. elyse took this one.

elyse took us to this tite buddhist temple.

we are speed demons.....

picked up our buddy max in humboldt and took him back up to portland. played on the beach a bit b4 the super long drive home (which we successfully did super fast and this time without a speeding ticket!!)

basically the best.


  1. this is amazing and perfect and so full of life. x

  2. best trip and post! my god so many wonderful photos on one trip! adventuring is the best way to make DREAM IMAGEZZZ

  3. wow. you just have this way of making it feel so magical. beautiful photos as usual!

  4. holy shit, this is incredible to look at and makes me want to get on the road.

  5. ah these are all wonderful. makes me so excited to go home to california this summer + roadtrip

  6. wonderful, i wish i had stories like this to share .

  7. WHAAA i saw your stuff on flickr and now this and i catie goes to my high school and i had beautiful bagels from san anselmo this morning and im tripping out

  8. AMAZING. Loved seeing this, and we used to road trip SF--->Humbolt every other weekend when I was 10-15. Fucking best. And it's pronounced HIGH-OO-CHI not hoochi, but who the fuck cares!?
    beautiful photos miss. Want to go back there right now. kxo

  9. Great time spent for spring break! I would love to take a school trips for fun vacation :)