Saturday, November 5, 2011

17, 18

took these ages ago


  1. amaaaaazing
    wish we had places like this near where i live, my city is so ugly

  2. great photos, do you know artist ana mendieta?


  3. These are so lovely and delicate. I especially love the flowers on the bicycle.

  4. Hello, we're doing a dissertation(at the university of Vigo) on the fashion blogs and their impact. We chose Tavi Gevinson as an example, and we're doing an interview with her followers. Could you help us?
    Thank you very much.

    -How did you find Tavi's blog?
    -Do you follow it every day? How often do you go in?
    -Why do you think it became so famous?
    -Have you influenced any of your purchases and dress?

    :) Answer us here or to our mail:

  5. Wait you took these????!! These are gorgeous, amazing shots. I love. I really love.