Friday, August 12, 2011

cusp 2010 speech

last year i was given the opportunity to speak at the 2010 cusp conference. it was an amazing experience, i learned so much from my fellow speakers, got to explore chicago, and really was just incredibly inspired by everything around me. it's almost been a year now, it's odd looking back on this video. i think i would really change some things about it if i were to go back, but this is where i was a year ago.


  1. omg gurl, that was so0o0o0o0 good & funny!!!11!1!11 you remind me of ellen page a little. also, giv me ur dres/romp3r naow plz & thx
    k bye.

  2. tears are flowing, holy SHIT girl.

  3. i really loved when you were talking about doing what you do for yourself. it made me realize that putting so much pressure on myself to be great and to get noticed and stuff not only makes me feel bad, but it makes photography less fun. no matter what happens, i'll always love taking pictures just to take them. i think that's why i love your work also. it's so fun and free and spontaneous and i just love that and wish i could be more like that.

  4. AH OLIVIA. just... dang! I so wish to have such incredible experiences.
    So proud. I'm glad I've gotten to follow you, for a few years, online.
    Regardless of it's 1-year age, this was pretty darn amazing. And I know you've done even more since then (GEEZ!)

    ...Also, you have perfect skin and hair.

  5. ^ aw man.
    sorry for all the "this post has been removed by the author"s, that are me u_u
    i cannot spell.

  6. so good : ) i love *hearing* you talk about and explain everything
    you're a great speaker!
    i'm curious- what would you have changed?

  7. guh i love you and am so proud of everything you've done!!!!!!

  8. For some reason, I never imagined you like this, I really never did. But with this, you surprised me. You were always a wonderful photographer, but with this its like I know you even more. This was so well done.

  9. you're perfect and i worship you