Thursday, July 21, 2011

fiat ipad app

felt hellza special that i got to be a part of the fiat ipad app! though i don't have an i had to ask for if you have an ipad and are way more savvy than me, download it for free here. my connection to fiat isn't random, i shot the usa 500 campaign in april (the lifestyle portion, along with christopher wilson, who shot the real car shit) but i currently don't know where all those photos ran away to...keep your eyes peeled, i suppose. btw i'm having a kickass time in holland and within the next two weeks i'm gonna hit england, spain, the czech republic, and holland again! yeeeehawwwww life iz radz......


  1. If OLLIE is the BEE for ARIZONA does that mean he is now " fucked" with JEB BUSH?
    Because JEB BUSH just bounced off the LOGBOOK and brought down the entire " HOUSE".

  2. amazing! i'm so happy for you. i've been following you for some time and have to say that i really like your style. good luck with everything!